Reading Questions Week 1

Bornstein, excerpts from Gender Outlaw: “Transgender Style” (3-4); “The Hard Part” (7-14); “The First Question” (101-111); “The Other Questions” (113-140)

  • Bornstein’s book is subtitled, “On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us.” Who do you think “the rest of us” refers to?
  • What do you think Bornstein means when she says, “the choice between two of something is not a choice at all”?
  • How is gender “like a cult,” according to Bornstein?
  • What is “camp” and what function does it serve?

Smith, “How I Became a Queer Heterosexual”

  • What do you think Smith means when he says, “Perhaps in a restrictive society there are many who would not claim queerness but have many queer aspects in their practices”?
  • How do you think a person (such as Smith) can identify as both “queer” and “heterosexual”?

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