Reading Questions Week 3

Gross, excerpt from Up from Invisibility: “The Mediated Society” (1-20)

  • What are some of the ways in which the experience of minority sexual identity differs from that of other kinds of minority identities (e.g. racial, gender, and class), according to Gross?
  • How can we understand camp as a mode of queer resistance for gay men?

Joyrich, “Epistemology of the Console” (15-47)

  • Why do you think Joyrich wants to move beyond the question of visibility vs. invisibility in considering representations of queer sexuality on television?
  • How do the “therapeutic discourses” of television create a unique place for sexuality in this medium (in contrast to film, for example)?
  • How do television programs illustrate the idea that sexual identity is distinct from sexual desire? Can you think of examples that do this?

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