Reading Questions Week 5

Ron Becker, “Guy Love: A Queer Straight Masculinity for a Post-Closet Era?” (121-140)

  • How has the heightened visibility of gay identities “made it possible to envision alternative ways to think about straight masculinity”?
  • What does it mean to say that gay has become a “cultural identity” in addition to (or instead of) a sexual identity?
  • Do you think we live in a “post-closet culture”?

Halberstam, “What’s That Smell? Queer Temporalities and Subcultural Lives” from Queer Youth Cultures


Halberstam, “An Introduction to Female Masculinity: Masculinity without Men” from Female Masculinity (1-43)

  • Why do you think Halberstam uses “the bathroom problem” as a case study for the social issues faced by gender-variant individuals?
  • How does the elasticity of the categories “men” and “women” help to sustain a binary notion of gender, according to Halberstam?

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