Tips for reading a book quickly

Since you’ll be reading an entire book for your book review assignment, I thought I’d share with you some helpful advice about reading a whole book in a short amount of time. Check out the two links below:

How to Read Like a Scholar

How to Read a Book

To add my own advice for this assignment: context is key. When you write your review (and when I read it) the minute details of the book are not as important as how you situate the book within the context of our course. So when you read, be thinking about how the book relates to other readings we’ve done and ideas we’ve covered. Also be thinking about the specific questions I’ve asked you to respond to within the assignment description.

Be strategic – you’re reading this book as a means to an end – to prove that you understand the material we’ve covered so far and that you can use that understanding to critique new material you encounter. If you want to go through and read the book for the fine details and prose later on, you can! For now, read it with your end goal of writing a critical review in mind.

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