Reading Questions Week 8

Doty, excerpts from Making Things Perfectly Queer: “What Makes Queerness Most” (xi-xix); “There’s Something Queer Here” (1-16)

  • What do you think Doty is referring to when he uses the term “closet of connotation”?
  • How does Doty define the term “queer”? Do you think his definition adds anything to the definitions we have been working with in the course so far?

Lipton, “Queer Readings of Popular Culture”, in Queer Youth Cultures (163-179)

  • What are some reasons why queer youth are motivated to make alternative readings of mainstream media texts?

Miller, “Masculinity and Male Intimacy in Nineties Sitcoms: Seinfeld and the Ironic Dismissal” (147-159)

  • What is the “ironic dismissal” and what is its purpose in media texts?

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