“Tough Guise: Violence & Media and the Crisis in Masculinity”

Today in my Media and Cultural Analysis class, we watched about 45 minutes of anti-violence educator Jackson Katz’s film, Tough Guise: Violence & Media and the Crisis in Masculinity.” 

This isn’t related to how queer identity is portrayed through popular culture, but is interesting because it critiques societal expectations and norms with regards to “masculinity,” and how the media contributes to this idea that a “real man” needs to be tough, strong, in control, muscular, or even violent. 

The following were some quotes that stood out, beginning at the 28:00 mark:

“The rise in anti-gay violence is one of the clearest indications that a lot of young men are very insecure and anxious about their sexual and gender identities, as the culture increasingly opens up. Why else would some of these young men target gay men for brutal violence? Is this supposed to show themselves, or their friends, that they are “real men”?” 

“It sends a message to heterosexual males that they better not try on any style of manhood that breaks out of the accepted norm because they too might become the victims of violence and abuse.” 

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