In Response to THE SHADE OF IT ALL

Blogger JS mentions that perhaps it was the sisterhood formed between Roxxxy, Alaska and Detox that cost Detox her spot among the top three.  In the performative aspect of the show, I will agree with JS.  By the way, I also agree with Michelle Visage that “Ro-laska-tox” were simply throwing Jinkx under the bus in some form of sisterhood.  (Insert #RolodexShadeHunty)


POST TIRED SUGAR BALL:  What I find interesting is that within the drama of the season, and within the discursive space JS mentions, such as the work room, not one contestant bothered to mention that maybe it was Detox’s foray into gay pornography that cost her the crown?

Must I WERK this shade bettah than any of those bitches on RPDR5?

There was no way in hell that Detox aka Detox Icunt aka Sebastian Ford was going to be RuPaul’s Next Drag Superstar.  Not all the fierceness in the world, nor lips that wobbled more than Jiggly Caliente in 12 inch pumps, would prevent Viacom from looking in the other direction of Detox’s past.

Why didn’t anyone mention it?  The contestants dropped houses on everyone else  on the show!  Queens and producers were manipulating and constructing shade left and right … and its plausable to think that no one knew Detox’s past?  That show has more disclosures than Lady Bunny has wigs piled up on that head!  Perhaps Detox was a staged contestant …

Unlike Tortorici, Detox was unable to bring her pornographic past to the forefront and acknowledge it.  I doubt she’ll ever write about it and laugh it off as a fun thing to do while you’re young and in college.  If the show were truly attempting to enlighten the audience on the gay experience, then producers would talk about everything.  Talk about reality.  It is a semi-reality show after all, isn’t it?


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