“The Final Three Hunty” Response


In response to the blog post  “The Final Three, Hunty,” a point was brought up that this episode was All About Roxxxy…and I agree! It is clear that the writer of this blog post clearly is annoyed by Roxxy’s tactics and I feel the same exact way.

Throughout the whole episode Roxxxy failed to raise her chances of winning, and becoming America’s Next Drag Superstar, in my opinion. Starting from the beginning of the episode, she came off as bitter. First came, talking down to Jinkx after realizing she was the only one lacking a letter from Detox after her elimination. Roxxxy then again picked on Jinkx after doing a horrible job during the “hung jury” challenge, saying an exuberant amount of mean and hurtful comments, discrediting Jinkx of her valuable work. Using Joyrich’s quote, as in the original blog post, and also spoken about in Gamson’s “Freaks Talk Back,” “media is the site where knowledge is produced,” and Roxxxy fails as a role model. The point of being America’s Next Drag Superstar is to be a role model for other to look up to and set a positive example. However after watching this episode, I feel like every episode this season Roxxxy was filling up with more and more hot air, finally blowing up in this episode. Can this be the REAL Roxxxy? I think so. The whole episode Roxxxy comes off as a bully, attacking Jinkx the whole time, because clearly she knows Jinkx not only has done well throughout the competition, but because she takes her kindness for weakness, knowing Jinkx has a kind heart. Alaska has the same comedic tendencies as Jinkx, but Roxxxy didn’t go after Alaska, because I’m sure Alaska would’ve snapped right back. I’m no expert, but if you’re trying to get America on your side, I don’t think bullying is the way to do it.

You’re a gorgeous girl, but I liked you until now. And your apology in front of the judges didn’t seem sincere…at all! Good try at making yourself seem like you cared for the judges, but the you left the real you and your true feelings backstage 😡  Sorry (not so sorry) Roxxxy.

One thing this blog post doesn’t talk about as much is Jinkx! Although she was being put down this episode, I’m really impressed by the way she conducted herself, despite the negative energy surrounding her. In the Gross reading from the beginning of the semester, he speaks about the idea that, the only place you can go to look for a role model or someone “like you” when you are a sexual minority is the media, and that can be damaging. However, this is exactly why I think Jinkx deserves to be America’s Next Drag Superstar. It’s clear that she is able to stand her ground and get her work done, despite what others say about her (negative or positive), she creates positive energy, and gives off a positive message. Although Drag Queens are supposed to be overly glamorous, she does so in her own way, and creates a name for herself, always thinking outside of the box.

To Conclude: Jinkx you are the winner…in my opinion. Shante You Stay! 🙂

P.S: I like Alaska too, but she seemed to just fade off into the background this episode due to the high focus of Jinkx and Roxxxy. Still love ya Laska!


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