Schedule of Readings/Screenings

(Screenings will be filled in as the semester progresses).

Week 1: Introduction/Defining “Queer”

1/29:    No readings – introductions

1/31:    Bornstein, excerpts from Gender Outlaw

                        “Transgender Style” (3-4); “The Hard Part” (7-14) ;”The First Question” (101-                              111); “The Other Questions” (113-140)

Smith, “How I Became a Queer Heterosexual”

Screening: “How to Carry Your Books at School”

Week 2: Understanding Queer Theory

2/5:      Jagose,  excerpts from Queer Theory: An Introduction

“Introduction” (1-6); “Queer” (72-100); “Afterword” (127-132)

2/7:      Gauntlett, “Queer Theory and Fluid Identities”

Sedgwick, excerpts from Epistemology of the Closet (from “Axiomatic,” pp. 1-10, Axiom 1, Axiom 2, and Axiom 4)

Butler, excerpts from Gender Trouble (pp. vii-ix; 30-34; 136-141)

Screening: excerpts from Gendernauts (1999) (full version available to stream on Netflix)


Week 3: Queer Visibility

2/12:    Gross, “The Mediated Society”

2/14:    Joyrich, “Epistemology of the Console”

Screening: The Celluloid Closet (1995)


Week 4: Queer Visibility, continued

2/19:    Gamson, “Truths Told in Lies”

2/21:    Sender, “Queens for a Day”

Screening: excerpts from Off the Straight and Narrow (1998)


Week 5: Narratives of Queer Identity

2/26:    Becker, “Guy Love: A Queer Straight Masculinity for a Post-Closet Era?”

Sedgwick, excerpt from Epistemology of the Closet (pp. 183-188)

Screening: Jerry Springer, “Best Transsexuals!”

Screening: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Screening: Scrubs, “Guy Love”

2/28:    Halberstam, “What’s That Smell? Queer Temporalities and Subcultural Lives” (in Queer Youth Cultures, p. 27)

Suggested: Halberstam, “Female Masculinity”

Screening: Sex Change Hospital

Screening: MTV True Life, “I’m Changing My Sex”

Book review book selections due


Week 6: Targeting Queer Audiences

3/5:      Gross, “A Niche of Our Own”

Sender, “Selling America’s Most Affluent Minority”

3/7:      Clark, “Commodity Lesbianism”

Hennessey, “Queer Visibility in Commodity Culture”


Week 7: Performing Queerness

3/12:    Williams, “Gay by Design, Or a Lifestyle Choice?”

Bennett, “In Defense of Gaydar”

3/14:    Field trip

Book review due via email by 2pm

Spring Recess 3/18-3/24


Week 8: Queering Texts

3/26:    Doty, “What Makes Queerness Most” and “There’s Something Queer Here”

Lipton, “Queer Readings of Popular Culture” (in Queer Youth Cultures, p. 163)

3/28:    Miller, “Masculinity and Male Intimacy in Nineties Sitcoms: Seinfeld and the Ironic Dismissal”

Week 9: Queer Fandom/Archives

4/2:      Driver, Queer Youth Cultures – read the Tortorici essay “Queering Pornography” (p. 199) and one other essay that interests you in the book

4/4:      Tortorici, “Masturbation, Salvation, and Desire Connecting Sexuality and Religiosity in Colonial Mexico”

Project proposal due


Week 10: Queer Space

4/9:      Chauncey, “Introduction” from Gay New York

D’Emilio, “Capitalism and Gay Identity”

4/11     Polchin, “Having Something to Wear: The Landscape of Identity on Christopher Street”

Gray, “From Wal-Mart to Websites: Out in Public”

Gieseking, “Queering the Meaning of ‘Neighbourhood’: Reinterpreting the Lesbian–Queer Experience of Park Slope, Brooklyn, 1983–2008”


Week 11: Queer Publics

4/16:    Warner, “What’s Wrong With Normal?”

Sycamore, “Gay Shame”

4/18:    Rodriguez, “Divas, Atrevidas, y Entendidas: An Introduction to Identities (pp. 23-31)

Rodriguez, “’Welcome to the Global Stage’: Confessions of a Latina Cyber-Slut”


Week 12: Queer Subcultures

4/23:    Manalansan, “Introduction: Points of Departure”

Manalansan, “‘Out There’: The Topography of Race and Desire in the Global City”

4/25:    Pyle and Klein, “Fat. Hairy. Sexy: Contesting Standards of Beauty and Sexuality in the

Gay Community”

Week 13: Queer Sex

4/30:    Piontek, “Redrawing the Map of the Gender-and-Sex Landscape”

Rubin, “Thinking Sex” (143-178)

5/2:      Portwood-Stacer, “Constructing Anarchist Sexuality” or “Strategic Sexuality”

Week 14: Redefining queer?

5/7:      Projects due – Presentations in class

5/9:      Jakobsen, “Queer Is? Queer Does?”

Final essay assigned

5/21     Final essay due by email at 2pm